What to know how to better prepare for mediation?

Whether you are about to embark on your own mediation or are a family lawyer who often attends mediation, this lunchbox seminar on how to prepare for mediation is for you.

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12.30pm to 2.00pm


DA Family Lawyers 

Level 8, 183 North Quay


Join Deborah to hear some practical and useful tips to ensure you have a successful mediation.

Find out:

  • What steps can you take to better prepare for mediation.
  • The types of documents you can be preparing as your matter progresses to assist you to have the most effective mediation.
  • The type of information you can provide to the mediator so that they are fully informed about the parties’ positions, which enable them to assist the parties to reach a negotiated agreement.

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For more information about availability and costs for Deborah Awyzio Mediation, please contact Amy on 07 3238 5900.

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