Testimonials in Mediation Services Brisbane

Read some of our client testimonials below.

Deborah’s common-sense, no-nonsense approach to resolving disputes is well-known by professional colleagues and clients.

(please note, personal details have been withheld from testimonials for the privacy of our clients).

“Thank you for your time and help yesterday. For me this was a positive experience and I am surprised by how much confidence you gave me in talking to my Wife.”

“Please thank Deborah for me, she was very professional and worked really hard to help the parties come to an agreement. My client is extremely happy with the settlement reached and she thanks Deborah as well.”

“Thank you so much for your professionalism and your compassion at our mediation on Monday. It was a really stressful day for me and my anxiety was through the roof but you managed to keep me calm. You explained things to us in a concise way and I was able to understand where I stood at all stages of the proceedings.”

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your common sense advice.”

“Thanks for your time and not coming into the discussion with any preconceptions about me. You were very professional.”

“Hi Deb, Just a personal thank you for you assistance on this matter. I was really impressed with your mediation style. You’ll definitely be on my regular panel of mediators.”

“Deborah I also wanted to say a personal thank-you for the way this was handled. As you are aware, this was our first arbitrated matter. It’s neither a WA nor a Victorian thing, so there was some hesitancy on our part. I will definitely be suggesting this again to clients.”

“Deborah was a fantastic listener and I felt that she did everything in her power to reach short and long term resolutions. I’ve found that over the last few days, my stress levels have dropped considerably, and I’ve been able to get back on top of things in my day-to-day life. I really felt that Deborah did her best to help me, and I am very grateful for that. Thank you.”

“Dear Deborah, Just a short note to thank you for the way in which you facilitated our mediation last week. I was dreading the process with little hope of an outcome. I appreciate the relaxed, respectful manner and environment in which the negotiations were handled and that an outcome was achieved. After a drawn out and traumatic period I feel very hopeful for the future. Thank you.”

“Your services have been honest, professional and supportive but most importantly you were considerate and understanding. I hold you in high regard.”

“I struggle with separating the emotion and superfluous information from the key issues. Nonetheless, you manage to wade through it all and keep focus where it should be.”