DA Mediation videos

Mediation Video #1 – Preparing for Mediation with Deborah Awyzio

Our Director and qualified mediator Deborah Awyzio, explains what you need to know about preparing for a mediation.

Deborah explains in detail how a mediation is conducted as well as providing an explanation as to what role the mediator plays in trying to resolve family law disputes.

Deborah also gives some practical advice and tips about the steps you may need to take if you attend a mediation. These tips are designed to try and assist parties in reaching a resolution as quickly as possible.

Mediation Video #2 – Different Models of Mediation

Our Director and qualified mediator Deborah Awyzio, explains the different models of mediation that parties can choose to partake in. Deborah speaks about how any type of mediation is a client controlled process which is very different from the Court process where a Judge makes a decision and parties are required to follow the Court rules. Deborah discusses the differences between facilitative mediation and evaluative mediation as follows:

Facilitative mediation is the more traditional approach where the mediator acts as a role of a facilitator. This type of mediation is very effective where there has been a communication breakdown between parties. With facilitative mediation, the mediator never forms a decision about what should occur.

Evaluative mediation is conducted by a legally qualified mediator and who can then provide their opinion about certain legal matters which might be in dispute between the parties. Debora’s preferred method is the facilitative mediation process. Deborah believes it is important to allow the parties to reach agreement on their own terms with the assistance she provides as a communicator.