Arbitration News: Federal Circuit Court Call-Out

As you are aware there is a call-over taking place in the Federal Circuit Court starting on 23 September 2019. There will be over 250 matters called over to ascertain whether they are ready for a trial and hopefully some trial dates assigned. The Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit Court will be conducting the call-over and will be actively inviting participants to consider private dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration.

Deborah has acted as an arbitrator previously, delivering her award within two weeks of receiving all submissions and evidence. Your clients may be interested in adopting private dispute resolution rather than languishing in the public system which is under-resourced and subject to delay and uncertainty.

Arbitration does not have to involve a hearing, it can be done on the papers, for those clients who just can’t agree on how the law applies to their scenario.

If you are interested in exploring arbitration further as a private dispute resolution method, please feel free to call Deborah for a personal discussion. We attach directions which Deborah has used in arbitration as well as Deborah’s arbitration agreement.

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